View Full Version : Control Squeezebox Through MCE2005

2007-04-21, 14:52
***All I want is one interface/remote for my media***
Ok, I did many searches on this and I can't find any plug-in/program that'll give me an interface to control my squeezebox in XP Media Center 2005(the media center part of it of course). I found more than a few threads requesting this, yet most are scattered and have various dates...
SO, does anyone else out there desire such an interface in MCE2005/Vista???
Don't get me wrong, I'm no Microsoft fanboy, but I do like the media center part. I've been trying the open source MediaPortal as well, hoping once again for an answer to my single interface/remote quest. MediaPortal rocks, or it will once there's a little more development, I think. I couldn't get my STB to work with IR blasting and it can't connect to its servers to get my channel lineup... All of wich MCE does no prob. If I knew how to create such a plugin I wouldn't be writing this, I would be writing the plugin. :)
Please can anyone help?
Thanks in advance if you can!

2007-04-23, 01:52
I want this also, but found nothing.