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2004-01-02, 09:35
From the remote control she can only control the player in front of her. As
far as the web interface goes, the easiest solution (and the one I'd
recommend unless she is malicious and would intend on screwing with things)
is simply to make a shortcut for her that points directly to her player's
MAC address.

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As always if there is some way of doing this already please let me know and
accept my apologies for not finding the info in the instructions...

What I would like to be able to do is the following:

We currently have a Squeezebox in my office and one in the Living Room. At
the moment I control both of them. In the near future I would like to get
one for my teenage daughter for her bedroom. I want her to be able to
control her playlists, her player, her player settings, etc. either from her
remote or from the web interface. However I do not want her to be able to
control, either intentionally or accidentally, the other players or
(especially) the server settings.

Is there some way of doing this yet?

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