View Full Version : MP3 quality poor due to low volume levels, notcompression.

Farid Shenassa
2004-01-02, 07:05
Hi all,

This is out of left field and I may be all wet, but given the we have direct
control of the slimp3 and the server software, could we use the mp3gain
adjustment info not to manipulate the mp3 bits, but have the mp3 software
just lower the volume level of the slimp3 (in the analog side) from a
theortical max. ex: assume that the highest gain plays at 11, and use the
gain adjustment to lower the volume? If this is possible, would this not
solve the issue everyone is complaining about on clipping and reducing the
dynamic range?

Just a thought, it may have been already considered.

Thanks all, great product and definitely a great community.

Farid Shenassa