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2007-04-20, 10:32
I'm new to this so please bear with me.
I'm running the Squeezeserver on a G4 Mac. I have my music library on an external 1TB Hardrive. iTunes is set to use the library on this external drive and works fine. The server path is also directed to this library.

I modify my library and playlists with itunes. After I rescan the entire library, the files seem to be updated on the server. Yet the playlists do not update. Some playlists that I deleted in iTunes are still showing up within the server (although they are empty of songs).

I'd like to update my playlist that I created with iTunes. Probably some basic settings on the server. Yet I can't figure it out.

Any help appreciated ;-)


2007-04-21, 12:34
I had this same problem for the first few days after setting up my SB3. I am running SlimServer under Windows XP, and have my iTunes music folder on an external drive labelled "I:".

The directions that I found on this site for pointing SlimServer at the right location were to enter the location of the iTunes Music Library.xml file into the box you will find under the tab "iTunes" in "Server Settings / iTunes". I did this a number of times, re-installed SlimServer and iTunes, and still no luck. I noticed that there are two xml files in the music folder, and that only 1 of them seemed to be updating when I changed the contents of a playlist. So I entered the filename "iTunes Library.xml" in that box (rather than "iTunes Music Library.xml") and that has fixed the problem. Now, when I rescan, my playlists (which I change periodically) are updated correctly.

I hope this helps.

2007-04-21, 13:55
It did fix the problem. I figured out the 2 xlm files last night.
You need to enter the name of which one to use.

Thanks again.