View Full Version : Upgraded to SlimServer 6.5.1 - squeezeslave 'drops off' if not playing

2007-04-20, 09:01

I recently upgraded to SlimServer 6.5.1, and if squeezeslave is queued up and playing music, everything is fine.

However, if I stop the music or empty the playlist -- and let ~30 seconds pass -- the SlimServer goes back to the 'your player was not found' message. Squeezeslave continues running.

I am using the cvs version of squeezeslave. Any thoughts what could be causing this?


-Dr. C.

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-20, 10:10
squeezeslave hasn't been updated in a while AFAIK. Perhaps it's incompatible with 6.5.1?

I know Richard has stopped work on it for the moment. Firmware and SlimServer development is keeping him busy.