View Full Version : Front end to SlimServer: Front Row or MediaCentral

Ken Burns Effect
2007-04-20, 05:06
Hi, I am new to this forum but have been interested in SqueezeBoxes for years!

I plan to run SlimServer on a PowerMac G5 and wonder if a Mac mini running Front Row or MediaCentral would be able to access music over the network?

Or is control directly via iTunes the only way?

I plan to use a SB or two also but this setup would offer some features like using a diy USB DAC (http://www.dddac.de/) and showing videos on big screen.


2007-04-20, 12:13
For controlling the Squeezebox you need to use the remote or the web interface. You cannot control it with iTunes, although Slimserver can use the iTunes library.

Ken Burns Effect
2007-04-20, 13:57
Ok, the SlimServer is controlled by web interface and only played through iTunes.

Browsed the plugins and found Softsqueeze 2.0 wich I think will do nicely until someone writes a plugin for Front Row, MediaCentral or a similar program to be controlled by (Apple) remote.