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2007-04-19, 21:30
Hey all,

I'm a new Mac convert and am having trouble referencing a network storage device I have on my home network.

In windows, the syntax for referencing this shared drive is:


I can't seem to get slimserver to scan the NAS directly (as opposed of doing it via iTunes, which kills the oppty to play FLAC files). Even though I can map to this shared drive via the Finder ok (it shows up as "MEDIASHARE"), I have not been able to successfully reference this location via an application. I've tried the following syntaxes:


When I click Command-I on the mapped drive in Finder, I get the following for its location:

But that syntax doesn't work either, the error msg is always "...doesn't seem to be a valid directory, try again"

Any help you can provide would be really appreciated.


2007-04-20, 00:41
launch the terminal app and at the prompt, enter the "df" command to see the mounted volumes.. The accessible path will be the in right-most column

2007-04-20, 01:38
I don't know about network storage, but for normal storage on an external drive the syntax is