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Derek Erb
2004-01-02, 03:23
> Do you really have need for that much storage! I've copied about 90% of my
> music (which would be about 250 odd CD's), 3300 tracks, which has taken
> about 20gb. I'm just interested, what kind of size collections do people
> have?

Currently just over 5,000 tracks all recorded at 192 kbit/s coming it at
just under 30 GB. However I am spending most of the holidays ripping all of
my CD collection so that number should hopefully be at least doubled by the
end of the month. All is stored on one 200 GB external firewire disk
(Maxtor). I will be adding another 200 GB external firewire disk at the end
of the month and will synchronise the two nightly.

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