View Full Version : TheJazz: anyone tuned in and showing track playing?

2007-04-18, 05:50
I've seen a few earlier threads on how to tune to TheJazz, which so far seems to be a pretty cool station, and the consensus seems to be to use


But this doesn't show the track playing, which would be very nice. Anyone know a way to get that?

2007-04-18, 06:51
WMA doesn't support track info in any standard way. It's possible to put track info in a secondary stream but I don't know of anyone who does so.

2007-04-18, 06:54
Sky FM Modern Jazz:
Does have all track information too.
(I'm not affiliated with it; just happen to know it for some time)

2007-04-18, 07:06
Thanks ymilner, I don't know that one and will give it a try. But I do like TheJazz. Andyg, I suppose that explains why not. Anyone know if TheJazz comes on alternative streams with tracks?