View Full Version : Strange Problem -- Music Stops Playing -- Always at Same Pointon Same Songs...

Robert Kaplan
2004-01-01, 23:26
I've got my new Squeezebox up and running wirelessly, with about a 76%
signal. Sounds great. But -

Many songs just stop in the midst of playing. First the second-count gets
fuzzy (24-25-26-18-19-29.) and then the music just stops. Squeezebox stops
sending digital signal. Pushing start begins at the start of same song -
but song will invariable stop at the same second-count.

MP3 for songs play fine on music match or other mp3 player. Remote use of
slimserver has same result - stops at same point in song.

This is not one piece of music, but many (I'd estimate 10-20% of what I play
just stops). Songs are encoded at 190, all MP3's.



- Rob