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2007-04-17, 16:15
I've noticed a little quirk in Slimserver today. It's not a major concern by any means, but something that perhaps could do with a bug fix.

I recently patched Slimserver with a nightly release (6.5.2 - 11727) to cure the dreaded Pandora firmware loop.

Since then I've tidied up a few tags with MP3Tag. Hitting the rescan for 'new and changed music' updated the library but retained the original tag too. Thus appearing to replicate the tracks in question with both old and new tags.

I reasoned (in my unsophisticated, non-developer way) that Slimserver must create it's own database of tags during scanning and that the 'changed music' element was not actually working.

It was solved by clearing the library and rescanning the whole lot.

Like I say, not one to worry about, but maybe one of the clever developer types might cast their eye over it at some point.


2007-04-17, 16:22
slimserver uses the timestamp on the file to determine what is "new and changed." mp3tag has an option that either updates the file timestamp, or doesn't. I'm pretty sure the default is *not* to update the timestamp. Check to see what your setting is in mp3tag -- I'd bet that's the cause of the behavior.

2007-05-09, 05:52
It turn's out you're right about that. Thanks.


2007-05-09, 13:07
Where do I find this in mp3tag ? Cant locate this...

2007-05-09, 15:35
Where do I find this in mp3tag ? Cant locate this...

Tools > Options > add checkmark to " Preserve File Modification Time When Saving Tags.