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2004-01-01, 22:08
Hard drive space is cheap. Although re-ripping and encoding in FLAC or some
other lossless method is time consuming, I would think that if you had the
expectation level that the squeeze via digital output would sound every bit
as good as your CD player that you would start with a lossless file format.

Personally I am happy with the performance I get with my MP3s. I have good
speakers and a good amplifier and a CD does sound better, but the sound from
the squeeze with my LAME APX encodes is fine.

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I don't think there needs to be a separate audiophile list any more
than there should be a separate list to discuss mapping network drives,
or windows perl problems or Linux RPM glitches. Each topic will surely
be of interest only to a subset of all listees.

Like you, i've also found it interesting to get a sense of the diverse
interests and expectations of others on the list through this thread.
It's also been fun to dig into some of the background info or
Replay-Gain etc. which brought back foggy memories of a Physics of High
Fidelity university course from many many years back :-(

I think that if there's common ground for most slim/squeeze owners it's
that we wanted better quality sound from our MP3's than we had before,
and more convenience in playing them i.e. in living room - not
computer room. For some that's accomplished just by having a slim or
squeeze hooked up to the stereo. For others it's hooking the slim up to
the stereo - then tweaking Lame to within an inch of its life to get
the best possible encoding, then ramming it all through MP3Gain to
shake-off any unwanted clipping in the decoding.

Can't say I agree that it's worth all the trouble since we're (mostly)
still dealing with MP3 after-all - but it's been is an interesting
discussion for the list (IMHO).


On Jan 1, 2004, at 9:07 PM, Jack Coates wrote:
> Times like this I wonder if there should be a separate audiophile list
> :-)
> There are occasionally moderately interesting technical bits in these
> discussions though and I really don't think splitting user community is
> a good idea, but it's kind of funny the range of listeners that these
> little boxes attract. I wonder how many Marantz SR6000 amplifiers an
> audiophile's rig could buy...