View Full Version : WMP11 .WPL Playlists

2007-04-17, 14:24
I have recently installed an SB3 using a QNAP TS-101 as the server. I moved a collection of about 2000 albums (encoded as .WMA files) and many playlists (all .WPL) onto the QNAP. All the playlists appeared and I could play them without a problem. Everything was working fine, so I changed my default WMP11 libraries and rip folders from folders on my PC to the Public area on the server. I use the PC to listen to music in my study while working, whereas the SB3 is connected to my main audio system in the living rooms.

I buy a new album or two most weeks and often add some of the tracks to the existing playlists. I therefore chose to get SlimServer to rescan on a daily basis. After a few days, I found that all my playlists were showing as "empty" when selected on the SB3, even though the .wpl files still seem to contain valid names, such as:

<media src="\\SLIMSERVER-01\Public\music\WMA Library\The Breeders\Last Splash\Cannonball_The Breeders_Last Splash_02.wma" cid="{8C04482B-DF36-4BC1-A7E9-298D1DE7336D}" tid="{942022CF-85A4-45F9-AA03-63FFE2EF07A3}"/>

Having read many of the threads, I wonder if WMP11 has made changes to the playlist to point to the server and that the addresses are now incorrect for SlimServer.

I am confused! How do I continue to create and modify playlists using WMP11 on the PC and then get them recognised by SlimServer?