View Full Version : RSS Cruzer: View RSS feeds from your Squeezebox or SliMP3

2004-01-01, 21:58
Reviving a tradition of New Year's Day software releases, I am happy to offer
up RSS Cruzer.

RSS Cruzer is a plugin for SlimServer that lets you read RSS feeds on your
Squeeze or Slimpy. Great for grabbing a quick peek at Slim Devices
Discussion (http://lists.slimdevices.com/archives/discuss/rss.xml).

RSS Cruzer requires Storable (standard on perl 5.8.0), LWP::UserAgent (to
perform conditional fetches of the feeds) and XML::RSS (to parse the feeds).
Of the three, XML::RSS is probably the only module you'll have to install.

Pick up your copy from http://www.rant-central.com/slimstuff/ and have a most
Happy New Year!