View Full Version : Interesting future competition for the N800?

2007-04-16, 14:35
Intel showing this off:


Could be released with a much more attractive price point (alas but not until next year). Maybe Logitech should buy a few hundred thousand :).

2007-04-16, 15:00
Been reading about this myself...sounds very cool, although I'm hard pressed to decide why these would be such a big leap from the already-existing N800 or PepperPad3. I feel like the press simply forgets about those two when ever the acronym UMPC is mentioned.

I like the fact that they will be offered in a couple different screen sizes and resolutions. Should be an interesting device to track, but I think we're many (MANY) years around the ease-of-use proselytized by this video:


2007-04-16, 15:11
well if they run fully fledged linux then that's be great to have proper mozilla / flash 9 etc on a portable device...

is there any timescale for availability of devices?

2007-04-16, 18:33
Since the CPU they'll be built around is expected in 4Q2007, I would expect to see these in 1H2008. The thing that *may* distinguish them from the N800 and other similar devices is price...should be possible for Intel and its Chinese minions to turn these out very cheaply.