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2004-01-01, 17:51
So why don't you and other audiophiles switch over to FLAC?

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> Interesting, I just ran some 0dBFS mp3 files through mp3gain (various
> sine-waves and sweeps, 20 files). It indicated that all of the files were
> clipped, despite the fact that none of these files are clipped when
playyed! I
> design professional audio broadcast equipment for a living, so I do know
what I
> am talking about.

You have to remember that compression of audio to mp3 provides a file with
information which is then used to "reconstruct" the original waveform as an
"approximation" of the source. It's in the approximations during the
reconstruction of the waveform where the clipping is introduced, a 0dBr
waveform coded as an mp3 won't necessarily exit the decoder at the same
relative level. Also the mp3 coding algorithms were designed to accommodate
real world dynamic audio not the technicians top forty :-)

See http://www.underbit.com/products/mad/ for some further information

Rob (Broadcast Engineer)