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2007-04-15, 12:02
While troubleshooting a problem posted by another user, I came across some very odd behaviour in my slimserver (WinXP, SlimServer 6.5.2 from 2007-03-25).

I am testing 18 albums, all with Artist Tag (TPE1) "Prince".
The Albumartist/Band tag (TPE2) is the same - "Prince".
The Composer tag is filled with different entries, 11 different kinds.
There are only ID3V2.3 tags. (Others removed by MP3Tag, verified with Tag&Rename.)

The Server Settings / Behaviour is to exclude Composer, Conductor, Band/Orchestra (unchanged from default).
The odd behaviour does not change, whether Server Settings are List albums by all artists for that album or List albums by band.

The database comprises "18 albums with 250 songs by 1 artist."

When browsing Albums, there are 18. Specifically, there are "18 albums with 250 songs by 11 artists."

When browsing Artists, there is only 1. Specifically, there is "18 albums with 250 songs by 1 artist."

Now for the trick.
When selecting the only available artist - when browsing by Artist, "Prince", only 6 albums are revealed. Specifically, there are "6 albums with 130 songs by 2 artists."

Now for the second trick.
When searching, typing "Prince", there is one Artist match. Specifically, there is "Artists matching "prince": 1".

When selecting the only available artist - when searching "prince" - wait for it - all 18 albums are revealed. Specifically, there is "18 albums with 250 songs by 11 artists."

The only way to reveal the "hidden" 11 artists is to change Server Settings/Behaviour to include Composer. I checked the Tags. There are 11 different composer variations in the 18 albums.

This seems to be an irregularity in the nature of a bug to me - whatever about my setup.

Database reveals one artist only with 18 albums, but Browse Artist reveals only 6 of his albums. At the same time, searching that Artist will reveal all 18.

It seems that slimserver is recognising a difference between Artists based on who is listed as Composer. There is no way I can find to change this behaviour, save removing the Composer from the Tag. I am tempted to do this for all non classical music I have, but would prefer not to.

I am posting here for feedback from others. If it seems to be a bug, I will set up a bugzilla report. Just want to make sure there is no easy answer.

Any thoughts?

2007-04-15, 15:56
Ah, ok, thanks. This is explaining the weird behaviour. Its extremely irritating to get different hits for different searches.
I didnt have time to experiment with mp3tag on my m4a Apple Lossless files, but these days I mostly hear radio anyway.
I will maybe look into it this week.

2007-05-09, 10:54
Well, if someone hear of a solution on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4925 please call me....

2007-05-09, 13:49
Its just not working for me, I am getting really fed up.
Mark Knopfler, I have 6 albums with him, only 1 is showing when searching under artists name, and under "rock" Mark Knopfler.
Tried removing composer, didnt help.
Just dont know what to do....I will erase all Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler music and rip it again, that at least gets me back where the problem began.

did you clear and rescan after deleting composer
if you have only artist (and no composer), the error should not materialise
again, if you want to drop some of the offending files, i'm happy to troubleshoot - but i've offered that before ...

2007-05-09, 16:28
Yes, sorry, unfortunately I dont have much time to "fool around" with the tags, so I get impatient.
Anyway, I read up on the bug, and after a bit of experimenting I deleted all the albums from this artist, and ripped them again.
I then removed the composer tag, and it seems to work, hurrahhh...
What I didnt realize was that in ITunes, when removing a tag you have to mark the composer name, press delete, then the box for Composer gets ticked, and you click okay. This way the tag is removed. I tried to untick the box, remove the composer name by removing the name, click okay, that didnt work, and I didnt get it. If only I had known this before I started fooling around with mp3tag....
Thanks for your patience with me, I will check later on the SB3 how its working there, looks okay in SS.....