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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2004-01-01, 17:12
The other option is to run both slimservers continually and do a soft reset
of the player (i.e. power down / up the player) so that it enters the set-up
menu. From there you should be able to select which server you want the
player to talk to. Simply do this each time you want to switch between

Like other people on this thread, I'm unsure why you'd want to do this. But,
hey, free world.

I'm sure there could be a way of accessing the set-up menu (rather than
restarting the player) though it would require a bit of tinkering with the


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No reason why it shouldn't be possible, and I am glad to see you were
talking about one at a time.

Assuming that the player can access both PCs though, then presumably both
servers are on the same network, so the obvious response from me would be -
why not make shared or mount points that both can access.

Again, I realise I am going around your problem rather than solving it, but
I still don't see why you can't have all your music available on one server?


"Larry Buss" <labuss (AT) magothy (DOT) com> wrote in
message news:F24A2172-3C93-11D8-B246-0003938D54EE (AT) magothy (DOT) com...
> Why shouldn't I be able to select a different source? If I have two
> different music libraries stored on two different computers (each
> computer running the SlimServer sftw) what is so unreasonable about
> selecting a different source to stream to the player? Perhaps I should
> have mentioned "not at the same time", but only one server feeding the
> player at any one time. I understand multiple servers feeding the
> player at the same time would get ugly.
> You say to have "... one server access all the music that is on both
> servers..." How would I do this if the libraries are on two different
> computers and there are no common mount points or shares?
> The SlimServer manual says this is possible by entering the URL (IP
> address or hostname) of the other computer. When I do this I can bring
> up the playlist of the second computer, but the player remains
> allocated to the first computer. Even if there is no music being
> streamed to it.
> Thanks for your suggestions and help!
> -LB