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2007-04-14, 08:06
My problem situation.

My music library consists of DTS CD's ripped to FLAC in a folder E:\Music\DTS, and regular audio CD's ripped to MPG in a folder named E:\Music\MPG.

If I am Listening in the Theater/Music room through the Transporter, I want the DTS music available so the Server has as it's library location E:\Music. The Theater/Music Room audio processor handles DTS and other encoded formats.

If I am listening in the House in general or the Master Bedroom I wish to exlude the DTS encoded FLAC files since the Audio system for those areas does not handle encoded streams, but rather analog 2 channel stuff (It is background music). Putting a DTS file into an analog audio system just results in a load Hissing sound.

To eliminate the DTS encoded files the only thing I have come up with (not yet done, just thiking about it) is to run 2 servers one using the library at E:\Music and the other the Library at E:\Music\MPG.

Can I run two Slim Servers on the same machine? If so How?

Is there another way that I am not seeing to do what I need?

Any and all help appreciated.

2007-04-14, 08:17
You could try using Custom Browse and set up something to distinguish the files (say a comment; not sure what would be best to use). Then use different custom browse menus on each.


2007-04-14, 08:40
I have a bad habit, first I post then I search/research

I see this question has been discussed but I see no definitive reolution. I see refrences to bug 3591 and 3592 which seem to be closed.

In my home The slim players (one transport and one squeezebox) are controlled by software running on PC's. In the music room there is a large screen display in HD of what is going on (albums, playlists, what is playing, state, etc.) In the house in general each room has an in wall touch screen which has the same info and can control the player. All touch screens except the one in the Master bedroom control the Transporter, the Touchscreen in the Master Bedroom controls the squeezebox located there.

This means we almost never touch the players, but rather control them through the automation interfaces I have built.

I have plenty of room on the House Music server to run multiple Slim Servers. Ideally I would like to run different server names with either different ports (binding multiple IP's to a single NIC) or different server names with the same IP's but different port addresses.

Is this possible? Is anyone doing it? If so, How did you do it?

Mark Miksis
2007-04-14, 08:57
I've only tried it on Linux, but yes you can run multiple instances of slimserver. Take a look at the output of "slimserver.pl --help" and you'll see the various command line switches to specify different ports, cache dir, prefs file, etc.

Alternately, you may find this plugin useful: http://erland.homeip.net/download/do/viewapplication?name=slimserver-multilibrary

2007-04-14, 09:21
I currently run two instances of SlimServer on my Solaris 10 box. After the initial install of Solaris it only takes about 15 minutes to setup a shared root zone (I found a good tutorial). Configuring SlimServer and Solaris 10 for each other was a bit tricky, mainly because there is sparse help available. My setup allows me to use standard ports on both zones so everything is consistent between the two SlimServers. Running Solaris 10 may be a bit extreme for your situation, but it works great for me.

The reason I am running two instances of SlimServer is so there can be a "his and hers" server. My wife and I have differing tastes in music, and neither one wants to see the other's music. There is some overlap be she's an iPod girl and I'm a flac man, so co-existance would be difficult. The two instances do share a common MySQL instance, which saves some overhead and was one less thing to compile.

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-15, 11:42
Didn't look easy to me, but see http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=34246

2007-04-15, 13:55
I think the only solution that is going to behave completely correct in all situations is having several SlimServer instances. There is an article about how to setup this in Linux on the wiki.

However, if you are satisfied with only havig the browse menus separated, you might want to look at the Multi Library plugin together with the Custom Browse. The Custom Skip and SQL Playlist plugins might also be useful in the setup if you like to be able to play random songs from a selected part of the library.

2007-04-15, 14:15
This means we almost never touch the players, but rather control them through the automation interfaces I have built.If you with this mean that you have built your own software that talks to SlimServer using the CLI interface it won't be possible to use the Multi Library/Custom Browse plugins, their functionallity aren't currently exposed over the CLI interface.

2007-04-15, 14:22
One way to do this would be to use VMWare ( Player or Server, both free) and use the SlimCD inside.