View Full Version : Local Shoutcast server not working

2007-04-14, 05:35

I have set-up a shoutcast server on my computer, installed the plugin for winamp to stream it to my squeezebox.
I tested the stream with Winamp, WMP and Softsqueeze : it worked perfectly.

But when I try to stream it to my squeezebox, it won't work. Here is what the shoutcast server says :

<04/14/07@14:29:14> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 12)[L: 1]{A: iTunes/4.7.1 (Windows; N; Windows Vista; 586; FR; cp1252) SlimServer/6.5.2/11665}(P: 0)
<04/14/07@14:29:14> [dest:] connection closed (1 seconds) (UID: 12)[L: 0]{Bytes: 8192}(P: 0)

Always the same thing, always the same figures (except for UID which increments each time).

And right now the Vista firewall is deactivated, which didn't help.
Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks !