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2007-04-14, 03:07
Any suggestions on how to resolve a problem with the scanner in windows crashing? I have tried reinstalling, checking the log files, etc, with no clear pattern yet.

For a time it appeared that some files just had bad names or tags or whatever, but now it continues and the problem files are ones that have never had a problem before. Every scan causes a crash to the scanner, not slimserver, and it does not seem to get all of the files (just about all).

I've been running slimserver by saving the d_info and d_scan tags and saving to a log, and I can't see anything obviously wrong. No error comes up in the logfile. Rescanning causes a crash on the same file, but when I (for example) rename the offending file, next time finds a problem with a different file - that never caused any problem before.

Grateful any suggestions.

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-15, 11:10
Any playlists with incorrect, outdated or circular references?

Also set your virus scanner to ignore .MYI and .MYD files.

2007-04-16, 05:23
Checked noth those things. I do use playlists with iTUnes, but had turned off to try and resolve this issue. I only use AVG scanner but think I have this configured correctly to exclude those files.

I now have the scanning okay, so perhaps it was a lot of files with MP3 tag issues. Thanks though. Now I'm trying to see if Trackstat can be made to work correctly again...but it looks like situation may be resolved.

2007-04-17, 07:06
I keep having the scanner crash towards the end of its scanning process. I can't determine any specific pattern - now even AAC files are causing crashing. Moving/renaming/retagging files does not seem to fix the issue. I can't exclude that the crash is happening at the last stage of the scanning process, i.e. after the last file is scanned. There just doesn't seem to be any consistency.

I'm running slim with the d_scan and d_plugins options, but it doesn't give any error. The scanner.exe windows alert comes up, but no error written to the log file.

Any ideas? This is very frustrating. Appeared to be working before. Trackstat / iTunes import causes a hard crash of slim.exe (no windows alert).

There may have been another all-too-frequent windows update somewhere in there, but I can't track any issue directly to that.

Thanks in advance...

2007-04-17, 10:46
Trackstat / iTunes import causes a hard crash of slim.exe (no windows alert).There is a debugging flag in the bottom the the TrackStat settings in Server Settings/Plugins. You can try to enable it and perform an iTunes import and post the log result here or mail it to me and I will see if I can see anything special.

2007-04-17, 23:50
Thanks, never noticed that debug option hidden at the bottom of the page there.

Apparently a super, super long song/file name (damn you, Sufjan Stevens) was causing scanner to crash. It was crashing before anything could be written in the scanner log file, making it impossible for me to figure out where the problem was happening, i.e. which file was the problem. I think renaming other "problem" files (the last one before the crash) may have just been changing the scan order.

Now that I've renamed the problem file to something more reasonable, both work fine.

So, scanner.exe can crash due to a long file name with no recoverable info. (And I guess Trackstat can too, but that may have been a database issue).