View Full Version : Ubuntu debug files

2007-04-13, 21:46
Moving along nicely with my Ubuntu server install. I've gotten AlienBBC up and running and next I am trying to get the XM plugin working. I'd like to use the plugin debug feature to check what's going wrong, but can't figure out how to get it working. On the Windows side the debug output showed up onscreen, but I can't seem to get the same results w/Ubuntu. Does the log go to a file? Is there a way to see it onscreen? Thanks!


2007-04-13, 23:46
Assuming you use the deb package on ubuntu, the logs end up in /var/log/slimserver/slimserver.log. You can also start slimserver directly from the command line rather than using the init script and using the --d_plugins and any other relevant flags (run slimserver --help for the full list). If you use this approach, make sure you stop the existing slimserver instance first and you'll probably want to use --prefsfile=/etc/slimserver/slimserver.pref to use your existing prefs file.