View Full Version : Sqeezebox 3 causes interference on TV

2007-04-12, 13:22

after i got my SB 3 (WiFi) back from repair in the US, when i turn it on it causes interference with my plasma tv!

several channels gets noticebly poorer in quality as soon as i plug in the SB 3. The TV are connected to cable (still analog, no HD feed yet).

What causes this interference? Could it be the wireless access point or maybe the PSU? The PSU has the "shield thingy" mounted close to the SB end of the cable.

any help appreciated

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-14, 14:42
What was it repaired for? Presumably it didn't do this before the repair?

The issue is probably the PSU - search the forum for "linear power supply" to fix. The Wi-Fi isn't known to cause broad-spectrum EMI like you seem to be experiencing - but then again, no one's reported PS interference with a plasma TV either.

2007-04-14, 16:00
Thanx for replying.

The mainboard was faulty and needed to be replaced.

Is there a way to determine if the PSU is faulty? I got a voltmeter currency tester.


Mark Lanctot
2007-04-14, 18:55
Is there a way to determine if the PSU is faulty?

It's not faulty - it puts out a fair amount of EMI when it operates normally.

There are no tests you can do to see if it's at fault, short of unplugging it and trying it in a different location much further away.

The cable on your TV should have adequate protection from stray EMI though. Are you sure it was installed correctly?