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wp steve
2007-04-11, 18:44
Hi, I use the play all songs feature to make a playlist. I then shuffle it. This way I hear ALL my songs before any repeats.
Problem I find is I have some albums that need to be played in the order they are on the CD ( radio programs from the past)
So as I do it the songs are spread all over the place! I can move them one song, one space at a time to try to get them together but this is impractical. I can save the list, turn off the shuffle and add the album but this puts it at the end of the list. ( unshuffled) I have 6 of these and do not want them all together on the list. .. I'm back to the same problem as I would need to move each song, one space at a time and I don't have that many years left in my life <G>
Is there a way to take the playlist out to Windows, use a drag and drop method to move things around and then return it to the system?

Great system but I would like to have more flexibility in making up the playlists.
Thanks for any help you can provide

Pale Blue Ego
2007-04-11, 19:26
So join the tracks from those albums and leave them as 1 file per album.

2007-04-11, 19:32
Use TrackStat/DynamicPlaylists etc...

Not Played -> Never Played Songs.

Queue up an album or three when you're in the mood, and they will no longer match the "Not Played" so not be inserted as it builds the playlist.

wp steve
2007-04-12, 15:46
Think I understand the first message, just need to figure out how to do it..

The second I don't understand.. can you provide a bit more help ?

Thanks WP Steve