View Full Version : 6.5.1 Can't Play Long Tracks?

2007-04-10, 20:31
Has anybody noticed a problem with 6.5.1 not being able to stream long mp3 tracks?

I've got several audiobooks where I ripped an entire CD as one track, so these are mp3 files that are ~60 minutes long. Everything was fine on 6.5.0, but once I upgraded to 6.5.1 they won't play. The mp3 files themselves haven't changed, and they still play fine through other software players, so I'm guessing it's something with 6.5.1 or maybe the firmware.

What happens specifically is that if I try to play one of these files, the SB3 will show the track's title, but the timer won't start counting (up or down), the spectrum analyzer graphics won't show anything and, of course, no sound comes out. It looks to me like SlimServer wouldn't actually stream the data.

Worse still, the SB3 (or maybe SlimServer) is apparently left in a state where it won't play anything. The SB3 will respond to the remote - I can clear the playlist and add other tracks, for example - but no sound will come out when I try to play anything. I have to clear the playlist and restart slimserver before the SB3 will work again.

I'm wondering if maybe the files are big enough to overflow a buffer somewhere. FWIW: I can play a 46 minute track (ripped from a cassette tape) just fine. Both the working 46 minute track and the non-working 60 minute one are 64kbps mp3 files. I haven't experimented with other formats or anything like that.

Has anybody seen this problem before? Any ideas? I know SlimServer has a bunch of command-line parameters that will output debugging info; can someone tell me which ones I should run to get some more info about what might be happening?

Thanks very much,
Ross Miller

BTW: I'm running SlimServer on Linux (OpenSUSE 10.2)