View Full Version : Sharing Windows folders for Mac SlimServer

Kevin Hawkins
2004-01-01, 10:39
I had two drives fail on me over Xmas and consequentially I am now using a
Mac for the SliMP3 server rather than the Windows build. Seems fine but I am
not sure how to get the Mac server to pickup some Windows XP shared folders
that I still have. Currently I have used "Connect to Server.." & mounted the
folders on the Mac and then created an alias and placed that in the music
folder on the Mac (I am not using iTunes). But the server ignores the alias.
Navigating into the music folder doesn't list the aliased drive either.
Double clicking the alias show me the correct file structure.

This is obviously wrong but what should I be doing ?

On the Mac I am not sure if I am picking up the Windows shares natively or
via 'Dave' which is running. It is a long while since I used my iMac. OSX is
10.2.8 and Windows shares show as cifs://whatever.

Have to say everything seems much faster SliMP3 wise on the Mac response
wise - although maybe that's because of the reduced library size.