View Full Version : [FEATURE REQUEST] pulseaudio / bonjour-avahi-rendezvous

2007-04-10, 08:02
Pulse Audio (www.pulseaudio.org) is a linux / win32 sound server that will be the next "standard" linux sound server, if it is not already the case! The server / sink / source system combined to avahi/bonjour/rendezvous would be an impressive and very usefull feature that could multiply the possibilities of the slimserver / SB couple.

If this feature is done on the SB, this one could be used as direct external sound card!!!
If this is done for the slimserver (probably easily?), it could :
- replace or simplify the software client to listen to the music on the sink computer.
- permit to use the SB as an external sound card, via the slimserver (latency and bp not optimal).

A first step that implement avahi/bonjour/zeroconf/mdns/... could be very useful! launching the browser admin or the softsqueeze could be very easy for all people connected to my network (think about commercial application in hostels, etc)

PS : sorry if this had been already discussed but i didn't get result by searching "pulseaudio".