View Full Version : Not reading cuesheets

2007-04-08, 09:21
I have my cuesheets in the same dir as my flac file but the server doesnt seem to find them, as in they don't show up at al, but i can find and play the flac but with no info.



2007-04-09, 09:17
Ok, I've searched all over the wiki and the forums and still no clues as to why this isn't working for me.

I can search my music folder and the .cue files are listed, but when I select them I just get a 'Playlist Empty' error.
The cuesheets are nothing fancy, simply the ones produced by EAC, they seem to have all the required info as in the wiki, but I still can't get them recognised. Done all the usual recan, reboot etc.

As there are posts regarding being able to put pictures into .cu files, and even embedding .cues into flacs, someone else must be getting these to work ok, so I must be missing some 'secret'.

I'm using SS 6.5, on a windows XP Professional, SP2.