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2007-04-08, 04:11
It's Easter Sunday, the sun is streaming in through my living room windows. I'm flicking through some photos, choosing a couple to print out and frame. This is a pretty good weekend so far.

Why? Because yesterday I reinstalled SlimServer on a Vista PC and after a quick seach on the forums it worked ... painlessly.

So this is a quick thank you to all at Slim Devices and the wider community that so quickly identified problems with Vista and published a workaround. Enabling me to enjoy my Easter Sunday by setting my music free!

For anyone still having trouble, head to the Wiki page here:


2007-04-08, 04:35
Yes SlimServer works fine but there are still quite a few Vista bugs than can bite. The sleep, hirbernate settings are certainly proving buggy for me, or at least coming out of hirbernate.

Ok, so I set the Power Management never to sleep and as far as I am concerned that should include hirbenate but sure enough having left slim server running the machine goes into hirbernate after a few hours even though the Squeezebox is continuously polling it for time, looks like it forgets to check the Lan card.

Looking further at Power Management, change advanced settings, I find that allow hybrid sleep is off, looks like Vista gets tired anyway so bumped up the "hirbernate after" setting to a few days and that appears to have fixed it.

Actually getting to like Vista despite its hungry insects. :-)