View Full Version : Transporter can't connect to Slimserver

2007-04-07, 09:10

Just a double-check of the brains here before I email technical support.

This morning I installed the latest build on my iMac and fired the system up.
Now the Transporter can't connect to slimserver. Slimserver web access looks normal (except that it can't find a player). My Transporter makes it through the network set up including obtaining an IP address but then hangs when trying to find slimserver. It can find the slimnetwork.

Anything obvious I'm missing? Anyone know how to go back one build?

Thanks for any info

2007-04-07, 10:28
Figured it out...

For some reason I have two instances of my computer on the network.
The one that "works" with Slimserver is buried one menu down on the network setup.

All is well.

Haven't listened to the ol' CD player in a long time. I can say over time I've come to prefer the sound from the Transporter.