View Full Version : Various Artists search still broken (6.2)?

2007-04-06, 23:18

I have a collection of individual pop singles, all tagged with the Compilation=1 flag set.

An example: In a Broken Dream by Python Lee Jackson.

If I search on the artist name the song is not returned.
If I search on the song title the song is returned.
The Advanced Search function appears to work fine in both cases though.

I don't think this is relevant, however... I have the Lazy Search plugin installed but am using the default SlimServer search page via the web interface.

This on XP with latest 6.5.2 nightly installed.

Can anyone point me to the correct unresolved bug for this as I can't find it (although I can find loads of related looking bugs: 4033, 4708, 4433, 4516, 526, 4033 etc etc etc)?



2007-04-07, 00:12
I assume you mean 6.5.2, not 6.2 ?

I just tried this on my set up (a late 6.5.1) but it works for me. Perhaps its just worth exploring exactly what you expect to see when you search on the name of an artist.

If I search on the name of an artist (Athlete) who I know only appears in compilation albums, I get something like

Artists matching "athle": 1

Athlete Play Add to playlist

Albums matching "athle": 0

Song titles matching "athle": 0

So, no songs found, but I wouldn't expect any. But it does find the artist - if I click the artist name I get taken to the album and thence to the songs. I think this is correct.

Is this what's happening to you?

This is with "Group Compilation Albums together" and "list Albums by all artists for that album" set, BTW.


2007-04-07, 01:05
If you have playlists enabled this sounds like bug 4516 which is resolved in ver 7.


2007-04-07, 03:49
If you have playlists enabled this sounds like bug 4516 which is resolved in ver 7.
Yup, that's the one. Thanks Roy.