View Full Version : Transporter review in Hi-Fi World, April 2007

2007-04-06, 18:58
No major revelations in this article, some bad comments on the new remote and remarks about playback drop at 24/96 when using the Wi-Fi connection.

No mention about Flac support...their reviewer is a MacHead and use
Apple Lossless file.

We could read in their final verdict:

...Exemplary standards across the board make this ideal for high end wireless music fans, but whether there's a market for it remains to be seen.

2007-04-06, 19:52
Looks like another clueless reviewer.

Even the much lauded Stereophile review is nonsense, IMO. I was reading it the other day, and it has a lot of factual errors. I also didn't like the "polishing a turd" analogy...

2007-04-07, 15:08
They have not got a clue have they! Today I was thumbing through the latest Hi_FI News in a newsagent, they have a home feature & this guy has some good AV & HI stuff. He also uses 2 squeezeboxes plus softsqueeze. There are closeup pics of his speakers, PC, NAS, Turntable and Theta processor. You can just make out the squeezebox (if you know what to look for) in a long shot of one of his racks. Very poor considering it's his main source of music!