View Full Version : Help! Internet based screensavers broken

2007-04-06, 14:56
I'm driving myself nuts trying to fix this one. Perhaps someone can help...

I'm using a Mac Mini as my Slimserver (6.5.1) with a couple of SB3s. Previously, the Mac was connected to my wireless router and the SB3s were running wirelessly.

Circumstances have now dictated that I will have to run my Mac wirelessly for the next few weeks - I know that this is not ideal - but everything seems to be working fine, except for any Internet based screensaver: RSS ticker and SuperDateTime being examples.

I can use SqueezeNetwork from both SB3s just fine. Nothing has changed on the SB3s. Obviously, the Mac is now using it's Airport card - but the Mac is able to see the Internet without problem.

I'm stuck. Any ideas?


2007-04-06, 15:02
OK. So I forgot the most basic trick of all...

Stop and start Slimserver. Works fine.