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2007-04-06, 12:22
Hi everyone,

Any ideas on this?

I am running

SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 11206 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252 with a squeezebox.

When I selected an internet radio station one day one of the digital screen savers suddenly started playing behind the "Now Playing" text description screen saver of what was playing; it's the screen saver which looks like a bar chart. So now I can see the "Now Playing" screen + softly displayed behind these bars jumping up and down. It's like I've got two screen savers on at the same time. They look great on separately but togther....uurrgh!

Any ideas how to revert this to just the now playing screen saver?

Stuff I've tried:

System > Settings > Screen saver. Turning off and changing all combinations. I can change the screensaver but the bars are still jumping behind whatever changed screensaver I go to.


Upgrading the firmware.

Upgrading slim server.

Stop and starting and bouncing.

Frowning in an intimidating way at the squeezebox....

Any ideas much appreciated. Don't worry about stating the obvious!



Mark Lanctot
2007-04-06, 12:32
Try pressing the "NOW PLAYING" key on the remote. :-)

First press brings up Now Playing, subsequent presses cycle through the screensaver options.

2007-04-07, 04:28
You were right Mark.

I wasn't aware of the distinction between the now playing button options and the screen saver system ones, so many thanks.

2007-04-07, 11:06
If you find some of these options useful but not others, you can disable the ones you don't want. For instance, I only use Time Elapsed and Time Reamining, and don't want any with the spectrum analysis.

that way it is only one or two presses to change the display.

2007-04-08, 02:28
Thanks Danco. I will try and disable the option where you have text and the spectrum stuff as it's very ugly. The other screen presentations are so nice, I'm surprised this is by design.

Thanks for your feedback.


Mark Lanctot
2007-04-08, 06:19
All a matter of opinion...it's my favourite. I always like to see the spectrum analyzer - this way I can see it even when in Now Playing, just dimmed in the background. I think they got the dimming just right.