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2007-04-06, 02:22
I've only had my squeezebox a couple of days now but I already love its easy use & setup but I have a couple of questions for you experts out there.

I have the following setup a Squeezebox SB3 connected wireless to Windows Laptop which runs Slimserver 6.5.1, Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS server which stores all my files connected by ethernet cable to a Netgear Router.

The iTunes on the laptop can connect to server through the shared option (LS-GL Linkstation) but I cannnot move anything to Playlists, or edit tracks in anyway. When I rip a CD using iTunes it seems to put the files only on the laptop not the server even though in settings the libary should be at L:\iTunes music (where L is the server)

On the slimserver side the path is set as \\Hs-dhglc5a\share\iTunes Music but I cannot figure how to put this setting into iTunes on the laptop. Does anyone know how to solve this & get iTunes on the laptop working properly?

Also the album artwork on the slimserver seems to have disappeared (it used to show when libary was stored on laptop) but if you open an album file the artwork is there, how do I get it to display when I am browsing?

Thanks for any advice

Steven Moore
2007-04-06, 04:32
In itunes preferences>advanced>general you can set the music folder location.
This is on a mac but I'm pretty sure it's the same on a windows machine.

2007-04-06, 11:09
Managed to get the correct path for the iTunes on Laptop so that it matches that of the Slimserver. But I still can't add tracks from the shared libary to playlists or alter the various view options.

Is this just how iTunes is when you share a libary, or are there some settings I'm missing somewhere which let me alter the library stored on the NAS?

2007-04-07, 04:46
Came up with a completly different solution to iTunes problems....don't use it!

Instead I am using Media Player 11 which seems to get artwork & info much easier, and I found a program called MGTEK dopisp which allows you to sync iPod with media player including all playlists etc.

Sharing the library from NAS server works fine both with Media Player & Squeeze box so keeping things all Windows seems the way to go. The only reason intially that I wanted to use iTunes was for syncing with my iPod & Shuffle and now there is a solution which will even allow me to sync with my Pocket PC phone so its a bonus!

2007-04-07, 07:04
when slimserver is integrated with itunes you need to use the itunes interface to manage playlists. it sounds from your post that your trying to create playlist with the slimserver interface.

2007-04-07, 15:37
No I wasn't I could not control anything from iTunes as it would not allow any controls other than basic playing.

The Slimserver was fine but iTunes itself was CRAP!

Steven Moore
2007-04-08, 03:05
You say you cannot edit the tracks. I think this may be a permissions type problem.
I think if you look at the permissions for the disk you may find the problem lies there.
I once tried to have a single itunes for multiple users on a system and kept running into similar problems.

2007-04-08, 03:20
I did check the iTunes library and it was read only so I changed this, but it did not make any difference I could still not alter any of the track info, add to iTunes playlists or sync my iPod.

However using Media Player you can alter any of these things very easily.

Now I can sync ipod with media player I don't think I will go back to using iTunes as it takes over far too much control of your music & what you can do with it, which is ironic as all of Apples ad's make out how they are designed for the fun things in life & freedom of use when they are the exact opposite of rigid Windows!

Steven Moore
2007-04-08, 05:17
I think calling itunes crap because you couldn't get it to work in your particular set-up is very unfair.
This is a common problem with end users, if I can't get it to work it must be the machines/programs fault.
The application works for millions of people of which I am one.

The idea that Apple or itunes wants to control your music is also nonsense. The only control Itunes exerts is over DRMed tracks.
itunes is really a database program that expects it's data(music tracks) to be in a library at a user definable location in a particular format. I think all database programs are the same. You can of course store tracks anywhere else on your system but they won't be accessible to itunes until you add them to it's library, exactly the same as slimserver.
You could not control anything from itunes as your set-up was not correct, this was not the fault of itunes. I myself can rip (in a number of formats),retag, copy, burn, duplicate and re-encode tracks from within itunes. I can create and delete smart and normal playlists. I can download podcasts free and buy music if I so wished. Not bad for a free application.
I don't even go near the track-files themselves. That's all done for me by itunes.

I couldn't care less whether you use itunes or not but to castigate an application because of your inability to operate it is unfair.