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Matt Staroscik
2003-12-31, 17:01
I have my slimserver serving up tunes to me at work, and I have turned on
the login feature. But I would like to have this stream available on my
home LAN as well -- *without* the login in the stream URL.

However the password and allowed IP address features do not allow you to
satisfy *one of* password or IP. That's what I really want -- a way to
say, "do not ask 192.169.1/24 for a login even if one is configured."

Next I tried running a second instance of slimserver.pl, with a different
config file, so I could have a no-password server on port 9000, restricted
to my internal network only. But this doesn't work because you can't run 2
instances at once.

Can anyone suggest a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

BTW I am moving into a new house soon and I am looking forward to picking
up a couple of squeezeboxen. In the meantime, I am enjoying exploring
matt (AT) wrongcrowd (DOT) com

Matt Staroscik
2004-01-01, 18:57
At 04:23 PM 1/1/2004, you wrote:
>Mine is currently set-up to do this. However, you will need additional
>I have the slimserver software running on my linux box and have apache
>running on another server (Solaris), this server hosts my website and other
>bits. I've created a virtual host which proxies requests to the slimserver.

Thanks for the lead, I have had partial success with this now.

I used mod_proxy and the ProxyPass set of directives to do the following:

http://myserver.com/mp3 --proxy--> http://myserver.com:9000

However, I am having a problem with the paths to some web assets. For
example, the SlimServer web page has some broken images. When I look at the
URL, the missing assets are one level "up," ie:


Further, the prefs file, which is normally in /root/.slimserver.pref, has
moved to /.slimserver.pref. I have also seen similar problems reaching
other files.

I can create symbolic links all over to patch this up but I suspect that
there is a more elegant way to do this that won't break some of the paths.
I assume you are using mod_proxy too -- if so can you post the relevant
portion of your config? Here's what I have in the virtual server config for

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /mp3/ http://localhost:9000/
ProxyPassReverse /mp3/ http://localhost:9000/


- Matt