View Full Version : SS won't connect to web after I restart my PC

2007-04-05, 14:34
SS 6.5.1, SS runs in tray after install but when i do a pc restart I can't get SS to open up to web interface. I need to reisntall all over again. Help

Ross L
2007-04-05, 14:35
What is the status of SlimTray when the web interface won't open? What operating system?

2007-04-05, 15:13
Upon PC restart SS is not in system tray. When I click on icon to start it, nothing happens, just says finding web site but nothing happens

Ross L
2007-04-05, 15:14
Do you have trouble installing other software too? Click start, run, type services.msc and hit enter. Then scroll down, do you see SlimServer on that list?

2007-04-05, 18:29
I found that it is running but I did it while I see SS running in my tray anyway.

Ross L
2007-04-05, 18:31
I'm really not sure what else to offer in the way of advice. Perhaps you should check services.msc next time you see the issue?

Until then enjoy your music.

2007-04-06, 05:15
If I do not see it then, what should I check or do?

Ross L
2007-04-06, 12:00
I'm getting confused. If you experience a problem, please try to describe it as well as possible here on the forums or you can contact support.