View Full Version : Slimserver service no longer starts automatically

2007-04-05, 05:45
I'm running Win 2003 Server.
I have SlimServer installed as a service (with a dependency on MySQL). It's been running and starting fine for months..
Now all of a sudden it's not starting up...
I have to go in and manually start it up (it's set for automatic).

The only thing I can think of is I've installed Microsoft's ANI vulnerability patch??

2007-04-05, 06:08
Are there any tell-tale messages in the Windows Event Viewer? Does the SlimServer service depend on other services which may not be starting in time?

2007-04-05, 06:58
Nope, nothing in the event viewer.
The service depends on the MySQL service..
How do I make sure MySQL starts first (if that could be the prob)?
I've assumed that if a service depends on another, that it'll start said service if not running.