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2003-12-31, 15:20
In message <1072908796.23191.34.camel (AT) localhost (DOT) localdomain>, Jack Coates writes:
>There are two types of RAID -- software RAID and hardware RAID. Soft
>RAID is generally fairly reliable but performance is relatively poor.
>Hardware RAID is generally expensive, but works well.
>Then there's what comes integrated on the motherboard, which goes by a
>lot of names, generally all four-lettered. Ain't no point buying that

for what it's worth:

On the i386 side, I've had real good luck w/ Rocket Raid PCI cards from high
point. I have had no problems in both windows an linux boxes. My current
setup is a Rocket Raid 100 running two 80 gig drives in a Raid 1 configuration.
Those drives are full with only 50% of my collection ripped. I'm moving to a
Promise FastTrak Serial ATA Raid card to mirror two 250gb serial ata drives.

Either of these cards are under $60 and quite reliable. They even have some
notification features that the scsi hardware raid controllers in my mail & web
servers do not.