View Full Version : Tentitive Fix for unexpect server shutdown on Pause, Stop or Off

2007-04-03, 21:39
I modified the PreventStandBy plugin to work around a shutdown problem that annoyed me. When you paused, stopped, or turned off for as little as a minute the server would disappear.

This may only apply to people that let their server go to sleep and use Wake-On-Lan.

The problem was very obvious in this PreventStandBy plugin. The Work around guarantees it will wait a minimum of 15 minutes before shutting down on pause, stop or off.

Only tested on Windows XP.

Replace Plugin.pm in C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\Plugins\PreventStandby

With attached file.

If anyone has had this problem please give it a test and if I get good feedback I'll work on getting it into the official release.

2007-04-05, 21:05
Anyone but me have this problem?

2007-04-10, 15:42
Anyone but me have this problem?

Yes, I get this too, and have been concerned that the resulting on/off/on/off... changes of my server were probably not very good for it, in the long term. So I was resigning myself to running the server full-time, but maybe that now won't be necessary!

I'll give it a test as soon as possible and post back with my results.

Thanks very much!!

2007-04-12, 01:07
Anyone but me have this problem?Sort of. I'm planning on using WoL and was about to test when my server decided not to do WoL any more. It's not a Squeezebox hardware or SlimServer thing (it doesn't work using other WoL tools whereas it did with them before) but something rubbish with the Asus A9N-VM CSM motherboard. When I get it working, I'll give some feedback.