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2007-04-03, 11:33

I am doing a hardware mod on my squeezebox v1, and I have made a 6ft cable so I can mount the display remotely, I have read that I can add a capacitor to the power lines, I am not sure how to go about this.

The display shows garbled information



2007-04-16, 02:42
So, a lot of trial and error.
I am using a V1 Squeezebox with a graphical display.
I am working towards having the screen remote from the main board.
I first tried CAT 5 Cable direct to new IDC connectors - the information was garbled. I wrongly assumed that this was a power issue and added a capacitor - to no avail.
It was then suggested that the signal path with being confused - as CAT5 cable is twisted - so I made a hybrid cable - Pins 1,2,8,9 with CAT5 (to keep the power up) and the remainder with Ribbon Cable - this was 5ft long and successful (although I did have a break in the ribbon cable that caused some pixels to flicker)

For neatness, I wanted to have 1 cable, so I found a 14core non twisted VGA cable. I experimented with making 15pin D - IDC plugs, then short IDC jumpers, but that introduced too much interference on the signal side.

So I have settled for a 6ft IDC to IDC cable made with the 14core VGA cable. This also has an overall screen, which appears to help with nearby power cables.

I have some photos if anyone is interested.