View Full Version : Seperate Libaries for Live Shows and CD's?

2007-04-02, 06:43
Dear All,

The love affair with my SB3 has hit its first 'speed bump'!
I have a lareg (>1,000) albums on CD and an even larger (>3,000) live shows.
I am happy with the CD's artwork etc, and its very nice to browse using my N800 tablet.
But .. the shows are all listed by date, and this really makes it hard work when trying to browse, as I really only want to browse Live Shows via a list, but albums via artwork.
If I have 2 libaries, can I still use the N800 skin to browse them?
Or does anyone have any better idea's on how to setup slimserver to get around this problem? Like 2 servers, one for shows one for albums? or adding a 'z' to all the dates ....



2007-04-02, 06:54
There is a plugin called Multi Library by Erland that may do what you want.