View Full Version : OT: DVD ISO rips and Media Library

2007-04-01, 21:28
Sorry for the OT question, but I am quite sure that several members would have faced a similar query before:

While my main focus has always been audio, over the past few years I have started building up a small collection of DVDs too. Not being sure of what the best format to rip them would be, I used DVD Shrink to create ISO images without additional compression. So now I have a bunch of ISOs which range from 3GB - 8GB. I know how to mount them and watch with any standard software DVD player, and also that they play directly with VLC (fine on the PC, variable on the mac), but is there a more elegant solution like Slimserver, that can directly manage a library of ISOs and stream/transcode them over a local network? If ISOs are not the best format, what are some other formats that can be used that won't further compress the video files?



2007-04-02, 01:28
You should have a look at some of the Media Center type applications. Medios, MediaPortal, MythTV, etc. there are loads out there.