View Full Version : M4A playback problems..going nuts! HELP

2007-04-01, 13:50

so like many other users here, i can't seem to playback M4A files..

I have 6.5.1 installed and the latest version of itunes...MP3's are fine as is squeezenetwork.. tried changing file formats as suggested elsewhere but to no avail..

I am running windows XP, got 40% signal strength and only drop off on kbps when running tests at 5000kbps...

Have got the correct version of LAME installed too...

Just can't see where the problem lies?

M4A's don't play in Softsqueeze either, but MP3's do...

Tried WAV's and they don't play either....

Which leaves me, tired and confused...!!

Any thoughts... i know it is a constant topic but i am at my wits end...spent 8 hours today trying to figure this out...



PS i did see that 6.5.0 seems to work better but i can't find a download anywhere.. does anyone have it they could email me please?

2007-04-01, 13:57
Isn't it quicktime that is the required CODEC?

I'm running the same setup: 6.5.1 Nightly from mid-december '06; LAME V3.94; iTunes 7.0 all on MSWIN XP Pro SP2.

Best Luck,

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-01, 14:15
Search the forums for "socketwrapper", there have been issues with it that have cropped up.

The latest nightly should have the fixed socketwrapper.

Also note many of the threads you find will have debugging/diagnosing procedures, d_source for example.

Matt Shelton
2007-04-01, 14:22
I just installed the latest nightly - no luck. I'm having the same, basic problem: mp3s play perfectly; m4a's take forever to load. Ugh.

2007-04-01, 14:27
The latest nighlty did not change the relevant socketwrapper code - it just updated the Slimdevices - Logitech notice.

Try using this socketwrapper.

Unzip and replace socketwrapper.exe.

Also you should put socketwrapper as a trusted app in your security software (firewall, AV, anti IM, anti-spyware)

2007-04-02, 01:09
okay, thanks.. i will try the new socketwrapper later...

if anyone else has any ideas, do let me know..

is it possible to download 6.5.0 anywhere?

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-02, 06:58
is it possible to download 6.5.0 anywhere?


2007-04-03, 02:18
So, performed a clean install of 6.5.1 ( 6.5.0 kept reporting a scanner.exe error ), then installed latest version of LAME, and seemingly the new socketwrapper and also pointed my firewall to mark that as an exception too and M4A's now play on both Softsqueeze and my SB....

Thanks for the help...