View Full Version : 101 Reasons why Squeezebox.....

2007-04-01, 04:11
IS like your woman.

For those of you lucky enough to be single just use yer imagination.

1. Amazingly they both cost me 159.95 to get them into my seedy little den (SB - from Scan computers + petrol money. Woman - membership to dating agency,expensive meal,taxi for me,bus fare for her,2 bottles of cheap plonk,Dorito's + salsa dip)
2. They can both sometimes,inexpliccably, get a bit loud.
3. They both benefit from soft lighting.

2007-04-01, 04:19
Both can be a bit if trouble to get them to behave properly.

Both can have a slight delay before they respond to commands.

Neither responds well to shouting when they misbehave.

2007-04-01, 04:51
To get optimal performance, one must provide varying 'inputs'and 'tweaks'.

Pale Blue Ego
2007-04-01, 07:54
8. Essential joys of daily life
9. Reliable
10. Got more than I bargained for
11. Keeps getting better
12. Low-voltage stimulus yields great rewards

2007-04-01, 08:21
13. You get to choose between the racy black or white models.
14. Can be unresponsive to your requests
15. They like expensive accessories
16. You're always wondering if the benefits of upgrading will be worth the cost
17. You can have one just for the bedroom and one in the office.

2007-04-01, 09:03
18. Just when I think I've got them both tamed...they rebel.
19. When they rebel... they respond nicely to a cricket bat.
20. They both look great in short skirts.

2007-04-01, 13:22
21. I have one (actually i have two)

(spotted the other copy of this thread first)

2007-04-01, 13:36
22. When you get them adjusted just right, they'll bring you more pleasure than you ever could have imagined. Of course the opposite is true as well. If you can't get them to function properly, they'll cause you more grief than you could have ever imagined.

2007-04-01, 16:05
23 - Well defined top end along with a solid bottom.