View Full Version : 101 Reasons why Squeezebox......

2007-04-01, 03:48
....is NOT like your woman.

I'll start us off....

1. I can control 100% of what I hear.
2. I like 100% of what I hear.
3. SB looks gorgeous in the morning.
4. SB enjoys being plugged into the mains

2007-04-01, 13:19
5. I have one (actually i have two)

2007-04-01, 14:38
6. I can turn it off and enjoy silence.

2007-04-01, 15:57
7. Well defined top end along with a solid bottom.



2007-04-01, 22:09
8. It doesn't reqire ever increasing amounts of cash to keep it working right.

2007-04-02, 05:12
9. SB communicates well with my friends.
10. When SB has a problem,I enjoy sorting it out.
11. SB never gets confused by simple instructions
12. SB never has a 'headache'.

2007-04-02, 12:56
#. My Squeezebox won't mind if I bring another one home.

2007-04-05, 11:16
14. My friends like my Squeezebox...

2007-04-05, 12:02
15. It doesn't get on http://forums.slimdevices.com to see if skunk is logged on, so it can call and ask 'why haven't you left for work yet', or 'why aren't you emailing with me, skunk?'. That'll be the last time I ever divulge a moniker. Live and learn I suppose.
[true story]

2007-04-05, 12:36
16. When my SB is wired, it's more reliable.

2007-04-17, 19:10
17.When sound comes out of my Squeezebox, I actually listen.

2007-04-17, 21:29
18. I want its antenna to get the best reception possible.

2007-04-18, 15:34
19. When I play with my remote, SB doesn't get jealous


2007-04-26, 22:02
20. i don't have any problems turning my squeezebox on
21. my squeezebox doesn't like Law & Order
22. my wife gives me a headache at low volume levels
23. my squeezebox can sit in the corner and shut up

Sir G
2007-04-27, 08:51
24. I can have one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom at the same time
25. I actually turn it OFF at night

2007-06-01, 01:54
26. my squeezebox likes having plugs stuck in it's rear holes

2007-06-01, 07:32
27: It doesn't mind been woken up when I come in from a late night out.

Phil Leigh
2007-06-07, 10:52
My SB TELLS ME it is "Now playing"...

2007-06-28, 21:42
- My SB3 sits quietly until I command it to make any noise.
- I have complete control over what my SB3 thinks are it's 'favourites'

2007-07-31, 20:17
It doesn't have to come up with another stupid reason to buy another pair of shoes.

2007-08-01, 05:41
It's slim.

(Cheap shot, she's slim too).

2007-08-07, 12:42
101 reasons why my SB is not like my man

1. It's always hard.

2007-08-07, 14:50
101 reasons why my SB is not like my man

1. It's always hard.

Ooooo, fighting talk!

OK Sona, here's another one to add to your list.

2. It can perform for hours without flagging.

Hey, that's given me an idea for another thread "101 reasons why a man is like his SB"

1. See 2. above.

2007-08-08, 11:39
I've never seen my wife waiting for an IP address.

2007-08-08, 16:10
My squeezebox sometimes gives me a hard on. (so weird;) )

2007-08-17, 19:45
My squeezebox sometimes gives me a hard on. (so weird;) )

Can we get a crude drawing as well, like on the bathroom stall?

I'll add:
37. Squeezebox is Under My Thumb.
38. The girlfriend and I are always in sync.

2007-08-17, 20:39
Please god, let this thread die...said my piece on it before, won't bore you all again.

2007-08-17, 20:56
Please god, let this thread die...said my piece on it before, won't bore you all again.

I'll second that...

2007-08-17, 21:17
I'll second that...

Come on...

This is an open forum.
Have you ever considered newcomers who might enjoy an opportunity to express some humor in this thread.
God knows humor lacks elsewhere else in this forum.

All you self-serving contributors (you know who you are) relax and go somewhere else for a moment while others have some fun.

Beers & Cheers!

2007-08-17, 22:21
Fair point - I'm all for humour. However, as I mentioned previously, I think some of the contributions to this particular thread are in poor taste, and hardly welcoming to any potential female contributors (who are few and far between).

Not hobby horsing, just a bit of a wish...

2007-08-18, 00:27
Ouch! I hope all the self-serving contributors are listening...they're getting some advice here, and it's free...;-)

2007-08-18, 00:55
Please god, let this thread die...said my piece on it before, won't bore you all again.

Sorry about the bump. Natural decay takes awhile in this particular forum, so my goal was to kick start some non-derogatory comparisons. Sudden death would be good too though.