View Full Version : Can two Pocket PCs play one stream?

2007-03-31, 15:59
I've set up three wireless Pocket PCs in different rooms in our house to control and listen to SlimServer streams, so we can have different things playing in each.

But sometimes we want to have the same stream playing in more than one room. At the moment I can do that by relaying the SlimServer stream through another server which broadcasts it to the Pocket PCs. But that creates long buffer delays and uses up a lot of PC CPU time. It also makes the whole process more flaky.

Is there a simpler way to get more than one Pocket PC to tune into a single SlimServer stream? FWIW, I'm using TCPMP as the Pocket PC media player.

Thanks, Caolas

2007-04-01, 02:16
each stream should be a different "player"
so go to
player settings - audio - synchronize
and change to suit, so that the streams you want are synched
i am pretty sure i've seen others do this, but i think it's less likely to keep synch where the players are software based (rather than SB3)

Mark Lanctot
2007-04-01, 09:17
I'm not even sure it will let you do this if both are software players.

Even if it did, it would never work because each device will buffer each stream differently - or differently enough that the synch wouldn't be perfect.

SlimServer has no control over the buffering of the stream to remote player software, the buffering is all handled by the remote player software.

2007-04-01, 13:55
Thanks for your replies. Yeah, it doesn't seem to let me do this - there isn't even a setting for "synchronise" under player settings/audio for the players I'm running, so I guess it doesn't allow it for software players (apart from SoftSqueeze - and SoftSqueeze doesn't run on a Pocket PC).

I don't need perfect synchronisation - if there's a few seconds delay between one room and an other that's ok; would just like to be able to set a playlist going in Room 1, and then tune into it when I move to Room 2. I know the stream will still be playing to the Pocket PC in Room 1 - could the Pocket PC in Room 2 somehow get access to it too?

Thanks again, Caolas