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2007-03-31, 15:43

I tune into Muppet Central Radio on Live365 and can access it by searching the station from the Squeezebox menus but, if I save it as a favorite and try to tune in from there, I get a message asking me to login or register.

This doesn't appear to happen with other stations in my favorites (such as 'Broadway').

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


2007-03-31, 16:18
The exact same thing is happening to me. I get an announcement to register and log in everytime I try to access a 365 station from my favorites list. I went ahead and registered on the 365 site and entered my information on the Squeeze Network site with no luck. Also, after registering on the 365 site I am now being bombarded with 3rd party spam emails to the address I gave them...so beware!

2007-04-01, 02:28
Just to be clear - this only happens with Muppet Central (at least on my list) from my Favorites. I am of course already registered at Live365 and it plays fine on my PC and when searching for the station on Squeezebox and playing it directly.


2007-04-07, 14:20
To confirm:

I am a VIP member at Live365. I have no problems accessing and playing stations by trawling through the standard menu options on the Squeezebox 3 that graces my 2x4.

But - I too cannot set up any Live365 station as a "Favourite".

It appears that squeezenetwork / squeezebox feeds an invalid URL through to Live365 that fails to "login" properly and play the source. What you get instead is an audible error message asking you to register with Live365 by going to a different URL.

This is probably as simple as a typo somewhere... but the original report of the problem on the Forum seems auite dated. Have I missed something somewhere?

This problem does not apply to other Internet radio sources as far as I have tried.


2007-04-07, 14:31
This is a known problem that Andy is working on

I'm not sure, but I believe the best current workaround may be using a web browser to log in to Live365.com and adding your favorite stations to your Live365 "Presets" (use the green "+" button after searching for a station).

Then you could play the station with the following:
Internet Radio -> Live365 -> My Presets -> [scroll to station name] - Play