View Full Version : Emulate SqueezeBox 2/3 in SoftSqueeze 3.3?

Philip Meyer
2007-03-31, 10:01
I recently reinstalled WinXP and all apps. I've just reinstalled SoftSqueeze 3.3 from slimserver 6.5.2, and it by default emulates a Transporter.

Is there any way to get it to emulate a standard SqueezeBox? Previously, I had a skin representing a SB2.


2007-03-31, 12:47
Look for the very small "settings" button floating top right above the display. Change the "skin" setting.


Philip Meyer
2007-03-31, 14:47
>Look for the very small "settings" button floating top right above the
>display. Change the "skin" setting.
That's what I thought when I went to change it earlier. Under skins (appears as an option on the Basic tab and Skin tab) I only had "slimdevices" (which is transporter), and three others, none of which are the standard SB.

However, I've figured it out now. Only when "slimdevices" skin is selected do you then also get a choice to select "display style" and "remote style" on the Skin tab. Display style allows me to select SB, SB3 or Transporter.

I probably didn't see those options first, as when I was looking first time round I was looking for it as a skin, and changed the skin on the first tab ("Basic"), and therefore didn't see the other option when I changed to the Skin tab.

It's a bit confusing, but at least I know for next time ;)

It would be less confusing to have a "Device Emulation" setting on the first tab, for selecting SB, SB3 or Transporter, and then having a skin option on the second tab.