View Full Version : Backlight in remote ?

2007-03-31, 03:28
I just saw another SB3 owners remote, it was backlighted ! Can this be purchased separately ?
There seems to be some packing problems, I ordered a black SB3, it looked black on the box, it said on the box it was black, the remote was black, but the SB3 itself was silver/black.
And now apparently some SB3 owners get a backlighted remote "by mistake"...
By the way, his remote has 31 keys, including the up,down, left and right cursor, exactly like the normal SB3.

2007-03-31, 03:43
The original "Black" SB3 was black/silver, the "White" was (and is) white/silver. The "All Black" is a more recent addition to the product line.

I believe the backlit remote is shipped with the Transporter, but some went out with SB3's. I do not know whether that was inadvertent, or whether SD ran out of stock of the regular remote and chose not to hold orders.

In any event, you can purchase the backlit remote separately for $29.


2007-03-31, 04:11
Thanks for clarifying. I bought my SB3 about 2 months ago, and could choose between the three models so I guess this was just one that got packed wrong.